8 common spring ailments

It is now spring, one of the most beautiful times of the year. With the change in temperature, many diseases begin to appear, some related to the weather and others to the blooming and pollination of flowers. Read our tips to enjoy spring with much more health and disposition.

1.  Conjunctivitis.  As the flowers bloom, pollen begins to disperse into the air and can cause eye irritation, resulting in cases of  conjunctivitis . The best thing to do is keep your eyes always clean and lubricated and occasionally wash them with saline solution.

2. Allergic rhinitis.  As with conjunctivitis, pollen can irritate the airways causing  allergic  rhinitis. Hay  fever  is another name given to this rhinitis caused by plant pollen. In addition, climate change causes irritation to the nasal and throat mucous membranes. Drink plenty of fluids, such as water and natural fruit juices. 

3.  Chickenpox.  Also known as  varicella , chickenpox proliferates with an increase in temperature. Spring is when the virus starts to multiply and infections are much more frequent. Get vaccinated against chickenpox, especially young children.

4.  Leptospirosis.  With the increase in temperature, the frequency of rainfall increases in many regions of the country, and the proliferation of leptospirosis, a disease transmitted by contaminated water, increases. The best measure to take is to avoid walking barefoot in rainwater, as well as avoiding any contact with supposedly contaminated water.

5.  Dengue.  Although the disease reaches its maximum prevalence in the summer, during the spring the first cases begin to appear, especially in the rainiest regions of the country. To avoid the transmission of  dengue , do not leave clean water still after the rain in tires, vases or any other type of reservoir.

6. Measles.  Like chickenpox (chickenpox), cases of  measles  begin to increase with rising temperatures. Young children are the most susceptible. The best measure to take is  vaccination . 

7. Rubella. Rubella is an extremely serious  viral  illness for pregnant women. As the temperature rises, the virus multiplies more easily. Get vaccinated against rubella, paying special attention to pregnant women and young children. 

8.  Allergies.  Allergies  can manifest in a variety  of ways, such as itchy skin, a runny nose, and red eyes. Severe cases involve closing of the throat and even respiratory arrest. With the increase in pollination and insects, allergy flare-ups become much more common in the spring. Although allergies are generally difficult to anticipate, prompt treatment prevents progression of symptoms and more discomfort. If you started with any allergy symptoms, don’t hesitate to take anti-allergy medications to avoid hassles.

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