10 tips for a perfect tan

Summer is coming and many people take advantage of the season to go to the beach and get a tan. It is at this moment that many make several mistakes to have a golden, beautiful and lasting skin tone. See our tips to get a beautiful tan this summer while being healthy and respecting your skin. 

1. Eat foods with orange color. Orange-colored foods are rich in betacarotene and vitamin A that accelerate tanning, maintain color and even protect skin cells. Invest in papaya, carrots, oranges, pumpkin, peaches, acerola, mustard, etc. Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, endive, etc are also rich in vitamin A.

2. Hydrate yourself a lot. One of the biggest mistakes made by people who expose themselves to the sun a lot is the lack of hydration. Before and after exposure to the sun, use moisturizers based on urea or ammonium lactate. The sun’s heat dries out the skin and makes it peel faster. Also, drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices throughout the day.

3. Watch out for schedules. Another big mistake people make is exposing themselves to the sun all day, especially at times when the incidence is higher (between 10am and 4pm). Sunbathe until 10am or after 4pm. Prolonged exposure increases the risk of developing skin cancer .

4. Use sunscreen. This product is essential, even for those who want to conquer the perfect tan. Sunscreen will prevent sunburn and reduces the risk of developing skin cancer. Choose the protector according to your skin type and tone. Click here ( Sunscreen choice ) to guide your decision. ATTENTION : don’t forget the sunscreen for your face.

5. Take showers with cold water. Take advantage of the fact that it’s summer to refresh your body with a nice bath in cold water. With exposure to the sun, the skin becomes very sensitive and burnt, and cold showers help alleviate this sensation. In addition, hot water dries out the skin, while cold water helps to hydrate and keep the tan longer.

6. Use cosmetic supplements. Nowadays there are several products known as nutricosmetics. They are supplements rich in certain elements that can help with tanning. Talk to your dermatologist and see if he prescribes a product based on carrot eye, annatto eye, dihydroxyacetone, etc.

7. Be careful with exposure time. Even at times of low solar incidence, prolonged exposure can be harmful to the skin. Start with about 15 minutes of exposure on the first day and gradually increase to about 10 minutes every 3 days. The tanning results begin to appear around 72 hours after the first exposure.
8. Use self-tanners. When you’re not at the beach or pool, self-tanners help boost color. Talk to your dermatologist to find out which type of self-tanner is best for your skin type.

9. Don’t sunbathe on cloudy days. The heat and stuffiness are harmful to the skin as they burn without the person noticing. Also, they don’t help you tan and can mess up your skin tone.

10. Always take a shower after leaving the pool or sea. Salt and pool compounds and chemicals attack the skin and facilitate dehydration of the epidermis. In short, they facilitate skin peeling, in addition to making it more sensitive.
With these tips you will have a beautiful and healthy tan for much longer. Always remember to protect your skin, as excessive exposure to the sun causes premature aging and increases the risk of skin cancer. For more tips, visit our page: Sun and Skin .

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