About Me

Jeanne Kenney

Jeanne Kenney

I’m a stylist by training, a content creator, and an entrepreneur by passion. Virgo sign and Pisces ascendant, I move easily between my dreams, the crazy world I want, and my feet on the ground to carry out my projects.

Born in the USA, the land of the most inspiring and bluish sky I’ve ever seen in this world, I feel like a person of the world, with no strings attached to live anywhere and with an inherent ease to adapt to different situations. At fifteen, I lived in Floripa. At seventeen, as soon as I got my Italian citizenship, I needed to know more about my ancestors. I went to live in Florence (Italy) at eighteen; I was in Washington to graduate in Fashion at Faculdade Santa Marcelina. At twenty, I wanted to live in London and went to work in a tattoo studio. I’ve also been a hostess, bartender, waitress, piercer, promoter, fashion photography assistant, thrift store cataloger, and henna tattoo artist for a summer. I love working and meeting new people. I’m in if work combines those two things plus the occasional trip.

As soon as I finished fashion college, I launched myself into the crazy world of being an entrepreneur and opened a few stores with lots of Havainas (yes, the flip-flops) long before these stores became company franchises. In the meantime, I studied for an MBA in Luxury Management at FAAP, theater at INDAC, and preparing actors for cinema with F├ítima Toledo. Of course, I didn’t do it all at once, but I believe that long-term time always favors those seeking knowledge.

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