Wormwood (wormwood) is a medicinal plant that favors digestion and can often be found in the form of an infusion or decoction.


Portuguese name: absinthe, wormwood
Binomial name: Artemisiae absinthium L.
French name: absinthe , grande absinthe
English name: absinth, wormwood
German name: Wermut
Italian name: assenzio


Asteraceae (Asteraceae)


Essential oil, thuion (a toxic substance that can be found in alcohol but not in infusions), bitter substances, sesquiterpene lactones, silicon, flavonoids, tannins.

parts used

Leaves or flowering tops (aerial parts or flowers)


Stomachic (against stomach pains), bitter, anthelmintic (against helminths or worms), aromatic (provides flavor), appetite stimulant.


Non-functional digestive problems (gastric acidity), digestive disorders,  anorexia (thanks to the stimulating effect on appetite), lack of appetite (for these indications, drink an infusion of absinthe 30 minutes before a meal)  flatulence , bloating, anemia .

Secundary effects

Depending on the content of thuion (a toxic constituent of absinthe), certain preparations (for example, pure wormwood essential oil) or alcohols based on absinthe can be toxic, consult a specialist to ensure that the medicine or preparation you are taking will use has a controlled thuion content.


Pregnancy, breastfeeding, read the package insert of the medicine.


Due to the tannin content, interactions are possible with iron, zinc or lead salts, as well as with alkaloids, so please read the package insert before consuming a medication.


– Wormwood infusion

– Wormwood tincture: Wormwood tincture can be found in pharmacies and is used in drops, which should be taken in a glass of water, about 2 to 3 times a day. If you are looking for a toning effect, we recommend a dose of 10 to 30 drops, or even 20 to 60 if you want to stimulate biliary excretion (source: Destinationsanté, France).

– Wormwood powder (as a vermifuge effect)

– (Alcoholic drinks based on absinthe)

– mother tincture

Where does wormwood grow?

Absinthe grows in Europe, Asia and certain regions of North and South America (Brazil). Wormwood likes dry soils. It can be found in the mountains, for example in the Alps up to 1400 m altitude.

When to harvest wormwood?

According to information, wormwood (aerial parts) is harvested in summer.

Plant it yourself
The best plants are obtained when grown in arid lands. On the terrace, grow absinthe in large pots.


The wormwood plant can also be distilled to produce alcohol. Better known as the “green fairy”, it is very popular in the Jura mountains of Switzerland and France.
Absinthe raises many controversies, as they say it can cause hallucinations. Is this a myth or a scientific truth?
In fact, the thuion found in this alcohol can be very toxic if consumed in high doses. In Switzerland, the authorities have finally legalized the sale of absinthe alcohol to combat foreign competition and smuggling, particularly in the Jura mountains.

However, in its indication to combat stomach pains, absinthe in the form of an infusion works as an effective product, which we recommend. We observed that thuion (a toxic active product) is not found in infusions, so it can be used without risk.

– Wormwood is mentioned several times in the Bible, notably in Proverbs, chapter 5, verse 4: “But in the end it is bitter as  wormwood ”. Therefore, the bitterness of this plant has been known for over 2,000 years, especially among the Jewish people.

– The genus name Artemisia from the scientific name ( Artemisia absinthium ), comes from the daughter of Zeus, the goddess Artemis. Mugwort ( Artemisia vulgaris ), another plant, also has the same genus.
The term absinthe comes from the Greek and means undrinkable. Its strong bitter taste makes absinthe very difficult to drink or ingest.

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