Medicinal plant with astringent properties, used in cases of diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders, is often presented in the form of tea (infusion).


Portuguese name: agrimonia, eupatoria, Greekwort
Binomial name: Agrimonia eupatoria L.
French name: aigremoine , aigremoine eupatoire
English name: common agrimony
German name: Gemeine Odermennig
Spanish name : agrimonia
Italian name: agrimonia eupatoria




Tannins (high content), flavonoids (apigenin), coumarins, silicic acid, essential oil.

parts used

Florid sumities (flowers) and leaves.


Astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing.


Internal use (tea)
– Mild diarrhea
– Gastrointestinal disorders ( gastroenteritis )

External use (baths, gargling based on the decoction)
– Oral hygiene
– Sore throat , angina (tonsillitis)
– Hoarseness

Secundary effects

Constipation, ask your pharmacist and read the leaflet.


Constipation, ask your pharmacist and read the leaflet.


None known, ask your pharmacist and read the leaflet.


– Tea (infusion) of agrimony

– Agrimony decoction (gargle, compress)

– Tincture (in case of cystitis)

Where does agrimony grow?

Agrimony grows mainly in Europe and Asia.

When to harvest agrimony?

The flowering tops of agrimony are harvested mainly in summer (in Portugal from May to July).

plant it yourself

This plant grows in wet or even marshy soils. Difficult to grow on a terrace if you don’t have a suitable installation (pot).

Interesting Observations

– In its indication for the treatment of diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems, agrimony offers effective therapeutic help, thanks to its high tannin content. Another plant with medicinal properties similar to solder or molugem.

– Agrimony can serve as an ornamental plant, especially to decorate the boundaries of land.

– The name agrimony (Agriomonia) derives from ancient Greek and means “plant that can cure eye diseases”.

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