AIDS prevention campaign takes serious tone

The Ministry of Health’s STD/AIDS prevention campaign for this year’s carnival has a more serious tone throughout its content.  With the focus, “Life is better without AIDS. Take cover. Always use a condom”, the campaign intends to draw attention to the difference that the use of condoms makes during intercourse. The target audience is the entire sexually active population.

The launch took place this Thursday (31), in Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of authorities, actors, community health agents and leaders engaged in the cause of prevention in 16 favelas in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

The campaign’s approach emphasizes a new concept, a new methodology. “We are more serious, showing that living with  AIDS , although possible, is not easy”, highlights the secretary of Health Surveillance, of the Ministry of Health, Jarbas Barbosa. For the secretary, there is a tendency for the population to detach and deny AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. This attitude, according to him, usually keeps people away from safe prevention behaviors.

The campaign video is already showing and the message addresses the seriousness of the disease. The film shows that AIDS is not like the flu and sunburn, which can be cured with medical treatment. Health care, in the case of  HIV , requires follow-up for the rest of your life. The protagonist of the video, Diego Calixto, is a carrier of the virus and discovered his serology two years ago, that is, the fact is real.

The campaign also features advertisements on billboards, busdoor, taxidoor, airport mats, bus shelters and blimps, with the main theme and the supporting phrase: “Protect yourself. Always use a condom”. Two radio jingles are also being aired, one in frevo rhythm and the other in samba.

O Ministério da Saúde também confeccionou a arte gráfica para abadás, adesivos, bandanas, bandeiras, camisetas, cartazes, dispensadores de camisinhas, estandartes, faixas, filipetas, flâmulas, folderes, garrafinhas, porta-documentos e ventarolas, todos disponíveis no site do Departamento de DST, Aids e Hepatites Virais para serem reproduzidos por estados e municípios.

Sabendo –  The federal government is also encouraging testing in states and municipalities, through the “Fique Sabendo” action – a mobilization strategy aimed at expanding the early diagnosis of AIDS. The goal is to enable people who live with HIV and do not know it, an estimated audience of 150,000, to take the test. “Early diagnosis, followed by access to antiretroviral drugs and adequate clinical follow-up, are largely responsible for increasing the quality of life of HIV carriers”, observes the director of the Department, Dirceu Greco.

Aware of this, the Ministry of Health has invested in expanding access to testing. From 2005 – when the rapid test was implemented in the country – to 2012, there was a 430% increase in the number of tests offered (from 528 thousand to 2.8 million). With just one drop of blood, the test result comes out in 30 minutes and the person receives counseling before and after the test.

The exam is 100% national since 2008, produced by Biomanguinhos/Fiocruz and by the Federal University of Espírito Santo. At the Testing and Counseling Centers (CTAs), delivery of the result is confidential and, if the final result is positive, the person is referred for treatment at reference services.

Sabendo operates on two fronts: in Basic Health Units, CTAs and outpatient clinics or in places such as squares, fairs and specific events. In addition to performing quick tests, the service distributes supplies for prevention, such as condoms, lubricating gel and information material on HIV/AIDS, STDs and viral hepatitis.

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