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Medicinal plant mainly used internally against certain digestive disorders, and externally to treat  bruises .


Portuguese name: Semper-viva
Binomial name: Helichrysum arenarium
French name: Immortelle , immortelle des sables
English name: Common Shrubby
German name: Ruhrkraut
Italian name :  sempervivo




Bitter principles, flavonoids, essential oil.

parts used

Flowers, essential oil

Effects of evergreen

– Choleretic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, healing.


Internal use (infusion)
– Against dyspeptic disorders.
External use (cream, gel)
– Against bruises or contusions (bruises or bruises), against skin aging, in cases of scars, against skin burns, against acne.

Secundary effects

we do not know


Obstruction of the biliary tract, biliary lithiasis.


we do not know

Evergreen based preparations

– Evergreen infusion (evergreen tea)

– Evergreen cream ( against bruises )

– Evergreen essential oil ( against bruises )

Where does the evergreen grow?

The evergreen grows in northern central Europe, eastern Europe and America.

When are evergreen flowers picked?

Flowering occurs from July to September.


– Evergreen is a medicinal plant that can be very useful for the treatment of bruises and bruises, especially when used in the form of a cream.

– It is estimated that there are 500 varieties of evergreen. However, only 5 or 6 are used to extract an essential oil that contains a sufficient number of active molecules.

– Against bruises, evergreen is more powerful than arnica .

– Evergreen is most widely used in cosmetics, mainly for its anti-aging effect. Efficacy has not yet been proven (until 2020) for this indication, in particular by large clinical studies. Small studies have demonstrated an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of evergreen extract.

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