10 tips for always beautiful skin

Many people know that health is also reflected in the skin. Beautiful, healthy, hydrated and uniform skin is a reflection of the good health of the human body. Therefore, much more than an aesthetic issue, taking care of the skin is essential. Here are our tips for always maintaining beautiful, silky and hydrated skin, no matter how old you are!

1. Never sleep with makeup on. These products clog pores and can create inflammation, blackheads and pimples .

2. Don’t shower with very hot water. The skin is a living organ composed of proteins that suffers from high temperatures. Likewise, try not to spend more than 15 minutes in the shower.

3. Hydrate constantly. Much of the human body, including the skin, is made up of water. Water helps hydrate, regulate body temperature and clean skin impurities, removing toxins and dirt.

4. Pay attention to the soaps you use. Dry skin requires more moisturizing soaps, while very oily skin requires soaps that remove excess oil. ATTENTION : for the face use suitable products. Facial skin is different from the rest of the body and requires special care, such as cleansing gels and soaps that remove excess oil.

5. Use moisturizers suitable for your skin type. Usually oily skins do not require much hydration and excess moisturizer can cause carnations and acnes . CAUTION : pay attention to areas of the body that are normally dry, such as the soles of the feet, knees, elbows and palms of the hands. Try to hydrate them constantly.

6. Make constant and smooth scrubs. They can be made with suitable gels or with homemade recipes that use sugar or oatmeal. The frequency of exfoliation can be weekly or fortnightly. Use exfoliating products or bath sponges (vegetable) and apply in light, circular motions. The process helps to remove old cells and renew the skin. ATTENTION : if you are treating your face with acids or any other abrasive product that leaves your skin sensitive, avoid exfoliation.
7. Use sunscreen constantly. The sun accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and photoaging of the skin. At the beach, use the right sunscreen for your body. Read more about choosing sunscreen here !

8. Play sports constantly. Physical activity eliminates toxins and helps maintain weight. In addition, they activate blood circulation that brings nutrients, water and mineral salts to the skin.

9. Take care of your food. Excess fat is normally expelled through the skin, causing clogged pores and leading to acne and other problems. Salt also increases fluid retention, giving the skin a puffy appearance. Alcohol is also a great skin villain. ATTENTION : give preference to foods that help cell renewal, such as those rich in vitamin A (carrots, green vegetables, fennel) and vitamin C (oranges, acerola)
10. Forget cigarettes. He is a great villain for beautiful skin. In addition to the various toxins it releases into the body, it stains the skin and accelerates the process of wrinkles and aging.

These are just a few tips to keep your skin always beautiful and healthy. Always remember that hygiene and daily care are essential, no need to take care of your skin just once a week! It is essential to always bear in mind that the skin is a mirror of our inner health. Many diseases that start in Organs internal organs are noticed by changes in the appearance of the skin. Therefore, always observe the appearance of stains, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, etc.

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