ANVISA evaluates the risk of the presence of formaldehyde and urea in milk

Consumption of milk containing formaldehyde is not safe for human health. This is what the technical report released by Anvisa, this Thursday (9/5), as a result of Operation Compensated Milk, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul, which investigates the adulteration of milk in the cities of Ibirubá, Guaporé and Horizontina, in that state.

Formaldehyde or formaldehyde is toxic if ingested, inhaled or in contact with the skin and has been considered a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) since June 2004. The types of cancer associated with chronic exposure to formaldehyde are those of the nasopharynx , nasosinusal and  leukemia . “Even in small concentrations, formaldehyde poses a risk to health, as the substance does not have a safe exposure dose”, says Denise Resende, General Manager of Food at Anvisa.

On the other hand, the technical report pointed out that urea, in reasonable doses, causes little or no toxicity for human beings. “Urea is not considered a substance of concern for human health, but it is used to mask the amount of protein in milk”, explains Denise.

adulterated milk

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, industries producing adulterated UHT milk were subject to the Special Inspection Regime and are prevented from marketing the products. The prohibition is valid until a corrective measures plan is approved and that three consecutive samples present laboratory results within the standards.

In addition, the Ministry carried out the recall of all batches of milk that presented problems, with no adulterated products remaining in the market.

Powers According to Law 1283/50, the Ministry of Agriculture is the body responsible for overseeing the manufacture of products of animal origin, including milk. It is incumbent upon the sanitary surveillance agencies to supervise these products in the retail market. As the adulterated milk has already been withdrawn from the market, at the moment, no complementary health actions will be adopted.

In any case, Anvisa recommends consumers that if they have these lots in their homes, that they are not consumed, as there is a risk to health.

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