Anti-inflammatory medicinal plant used in external use, in case of bruises or bruises, it is presented in the form of an ointment.


Portuguese name: Arnica
Binomial name: Arnica montana L.
French name: Arnica
English name: arnica
German name: Arnika
Italian name: arnica




Essential oils, sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids.

parts used

Flowers, (leaves)

Note: In the past, especially in the 19th century, arnica roots were also used.


External use (ointment, tincture)
Anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic.

For specialists, the reaction mechanism: the effect of arnica rests on an inhibition of the NF-kappaB protein, which plays an important role in the inflammatory mechanism, as well as in the activation of phospholipase (a key molecule in the inflammatory mechanism).

indications of arnica

External use (ointments, tinctures)
– Blows, bruises, backaches , bruises , arthritis , arthrosis , sprains .

Internal use (ingestion)
– Do not use in herbal treatments, as it is toxic! In homeopathy, it is possible to ingest arnica-based homeopathic remedies.


Secundary effects

Risk of contact allergy. If this side effect occurs please stop the application of arnica.
Reminder: Do not ingest, because arnica can lead to serious heart and respiratory problems.


Contraindicated in case of allergy to arnica.


we do not know


– Tincture of arnica

– Arnica ointment

– Arnica gel

– Arnica infusion for external use  (do not ingest)

– Compresses and bandages

– mother tincture

Recipe: use 2g of arnica flowers and let it infuse in 100ml of boiling water. External application.

Where does arnica grow?

Arnica grows in Europe, preferably in the mountains and in particular in the Alps. The word arnica comes from the Latin Arnica montana (mountain). Arnica also grows in Asia and especially in Siberia. It grows particularly well in humid areas. Arnica can be found in the Alps at up to 2800m altitude.

When to harvest arnica?

Arnica flowers are harvested during flowering, usually from June to August. Arnica is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for several years.


– In some people, the application of arnica preparations can provoke skin allergies. In this case, you should interrupt the treatment and start using other plants or synthetic chemical drugs.

Efficacy of arnica, not so evident

Arnica is found in known ointments with an efficacy often cited by manufacturers. Arnica seems particularly useful in cases of falls, bruises or bruises. However, a special edition of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants published in July 2020 estimated that the effect of arnica flowers against bruises, sprains and bruises still needs to be demonstrated, due to the lack of quality scientific studies published on this plant.

– Arnica is particularly useful in case of a fall, bruises or contusions.

– In homeopathy, arnica (5CH) is certainly the most used remedy for falls or bruises.

– It is interesting to note that in many arnica preparations sold in pharmacies, the raw material is not always based on the Arnica montana species (as described on this page). In fact, Arnica montana is often a protected species. In Switzerland, as in other European countries, it is forbidden to collect arnica ( Arnica montana ) in the wild. Therefore, the industry uses arnica of American origin, Arnica chamissonis Less. The arnica plant is probably one of the most sold medicinal plants in the world.

– Arnica should not be consumed internally, as this plant can be toxic to the body, including the nervous system (as a tea, for example). Several deaths were recorded in the past because some people were using arnica orally in high doses for its abortive effect. In homeopathy, as we saw above, it is possible to use arnica orally (capsules, etc.).

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