Ash: medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory action, used in case of rheumatism (gout, arthrosis,…), usually found in capsules.


Portuguese name: Ash, common ash, European ash
Binomial name: Fraxinus excelsior L.
French name: Frêne
English name: ash, common ash
German name: Esche
Italian name: frassino




Flavonoids, rutosides, tannins, iridoid.

parts used

Dry bark and leaves

ash effects

Anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite.

indications of ash

Gout, rheumatisms: arthrosis, arthritis, cellulite.

Secundary effects

we do not know


we do not know


we do not know

Ash-based preparations

– Ash capsules

– ash infusion

Where does the ash grow?

Ash grows in Europe.

When to harvest ash?


In our opinion, no study has been able to really demonstrate the effectiveness of this plant against rheumatism or cellulite, therefore it is not recommended as a first choice. In case of rheumatism, give preference to devil’s claw, a plant whose effectiveness is proven.

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