7 tips to avoid cold sores in winter

Winter has arrived and the low temperatures of the season can reactivate the virus and cause the uncomfortable cold sore . The disease, unfortunately, has no cure, but it can be avoided by adopting some measures that prevent the virus from becoming active again. See our tips and have a healthier winter.

1. Avoid stress. Stress , like the cold, reduces the body’s immunity and makes the virus reactivate. Seek to control the nervousness, anxiety and stress of everyday life. Do relaxing and pleasurable activities.

2. Avoid typical winter illnesses. Illnesses such as flu , cold , pneumonia , etc. make the immune system deficient and activate herpes. Avoid, therefore, contact with patients and closed environments and with many people.

3. Avoid the cold. While it’s often difficult to escape the winter cold, avoid unnecessary exposure. Prefer warm environments, but have constant ventilation.

4. Avoid kissing when you have an active infection. The herpes virus is highly contagious and spreads through kissing, sharing personal objects or when people talk too close to each other. Avoid this procedure until the disease resolves.

5. Treat as soon as possible. During active infection, treat the disease with suitable products. For cold sores, the products come in the form of an ointment. The most common is aciclovir , but there are also other antivirals such as valaciclovir. Early treatment prevents transmission of the disease.

6. Keep lips hydrated. The cold tends to dry out the mucous membranes and this causes cracks to appear on the lips. This is a gateway for the virus. Also avoid ripping off the resected skins. Cocoa butter and petroleum jelly products are the most common.

7. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure. In winter, although there is less sunlight, it is important to avoid spending hours in the sun during the season. Solar rays are one of the major responsible for activating the virus. A complementary measure is to use lip sunscreens, available in the form of lipstick.

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If you have a question about cold sores and would like pharmacists to answer it, please  ask your question here (in the forum) .

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