8 tips to avoid fall illnesses

Autumn officially starts in Brazil on March 20th. The season is characterized by lower temperatures than summer and, due to this, the amount of rain increases. Many people get sick in this season due to the variation in temperature, with warm mornings and cold nights, typical of autumn. Many of these illnesses are related to irritations and infections of the respiratory tract, and result in laryngitis , pharyngitis, flu , cough , bronchitis , etc. See our tips for an autumn with good health and disposition.    

1. Drink lots of water.  Many respiratory illnesses are caused by dryness of the airways due to cold air. Viruses and bacteria can settle and cause the disease. Keep the airways lubricated at all times. Also give preference to teas, such as lemon, and fruit juices rich in  vitamin C  (such as orange and acerola). 

2. Avoid closed places.  The lack of air circulation prevents any viruses and bacteria suspended in the air from remaining in the environment and being able to settle in humans. Keep at least one gap that allows the room to circulate. 

3. Get the flu shot.  This vaccine must be taken every year, as the virus changes each season. Stay tuned for vaccination in your city. 

4.  Always wash your hands.  Hand hygiene prevents the transmission of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea. Always wash them after using the bathroom and having meals.

5. Avoid exposing children to patients.  Children are particularly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, and you should be aware of them. Another risk group for respiratory diseases are the elderly and pregnant women, they must be constantly monitored. 

6. Watch out for floods.  A striking feature of autumn is the heavy rains, which can cause flooding and flooding. In this environment, many diseases can be transmitted, such as leptospirosis. Avoid walking in dirty flood water during periods of heavy rain. Also, to prevent them from occurring, avoid throwing garbage on the street so as not to clog the drains. 

7. Watch out for dengue.  This is a constant alert during the summer and spring and extends into the fall. Temperatures are still high and the mosquito that transmits the disease can proliferate. Avoid standing water in gutters, vases, basins, bottles, tires, etc. See a doctor if you suspect the disease. See our  tips for preventing dengue . 

8. Eat well.  Balanced food should be constant throughout the year and it plays an important role in the body’s immunity. Give preference to fruits, vegetables, greens, grains and lean meats. See our  food tips to boost immunity . 

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