10 tips to avoid the most common summer illnesses

Summer is a delightful season when people get together with friends and family to celebrate, travel and go to the beach. But it is at this time that many undesirable diseases occur, much of it due to outdoor activities practiced with little care. Read our tips to avoid the most typical summer illnesses and make the most of this season.

1.  Don’t eat everything you see ahead.  This mainly applies to food sold on the beach. The vast majority of them are not properly preserved, so the proliferation of bacteria is large and rapid. Eating food without knowing the origin can lead to  diarrhea , dysentery and intestinal problems. Look for restaurants or eateries that you know well.
ATTENTION : in addition to the diseases mentioned above, the consumption of contaminated food can cause  hepatitis A.

2.  Drink plenty of water.  Summer is a very hot season and dehydration is very frequent. People stay under the sun for hours and forget to hydrate. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Avoid sweetened drinks like sodas or fruit juices.

3.  Avoid long exposure to the sun.  Heatstroke is perhaps one of the most frequent summer problems. Many people spend hours trying to get a good tan, but they forget that the sun, in addition to tanning, also burns. Avoid long exposure to the sun, even with the use of sunscreens with a high protection factor. Sunbathe at the indicated times and avoid the heat. For more tips on how to get a perfect tan in the summer,  read our page .
ATTENTION:  also protect your eyes with sunglasses with protection against UVA and UVB rays.

4.  Watch out for the quality of the beaches.  Many of them are not suitable for bathing due to the high water pollution. Swimming in these places can cause several diseases, such as gastrointestinal problems ( diarrhoea , dysentery), skin diseases ( mycosis of the skin , rashes), eye problems ( conjunctivitis ), hair problems (seborrhea,  dandruff ), etc. Always check the pollution level of the beach when planning your trip.
ATTENTION : avoid even staying in the sand, as they are also contaminated.

5.  Beware of marine animals . The number of burns by jellyfish and other cnidarians greatly increases in summer. Some of them can be very serious and put people’s lives at risk. Check that the beach you are going to is not a breeding ground for marine animals. In case you have a mild jellyfish burn, read how to treat it with  our home remedy .

6.  Watch out for drowning . This is a particularly serious problem, as cases of drowning are fatal. Avoid beaches where the sea is rough or very deep pools. Always check for lifeguards nearby and instruct children to be careful.
ATTENTION:  avoid swimming or entering the sea after drinking. Alcohol alters the senses and increases the risk of drowning.

7.  Avoid extreme sports if you don’t have practice.  Practicing a physical activity without knowledge can lead to several problems, from mild fractures,  sprains  and  bruises  to severe trauma that can lead to paralysis and death. Always practice activities with proper equipment and properly trained instructors.

8.  Avoid traffic accidents.  On vacation, it is common for people to drink and drive. The number of accidents increases dramatically during the holidays. The best thing to do is not to drive if you drink.
ATTENTION:  Pedestrians should also be careful and always respect traffic laws, such as crossing crosswalks at a favorable signal.

9.  Watch out for dengue, zika and chiungunya .  In addition to the heat, summer is a very humid season, with a lot of rain. Dengue breeds in clean, still water. Avoid dengue fever by taking care that the water does not stagnate for too long. For tips on how to avoid this disease, read our  dengue fever site .

10.  Avoid ringworm.  Moist skin is the ideal habitat for the proliferation of the fungus that causes beach mycoses . Dry yourself well after showering and always shower if you sweat excessively. And again: avoid swimming in polluted beaches or public pools. These are the main places where people get infected.
ATTENTION:  sweat and moisture retained in the body can cause other skin diseases, such as heat rash.

Make the most of your summer healthily by following these tips.

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