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Banana is a popular and widely consumed fruit in the world. In some countries it is simply the most popular fruit. In some tropical countries, bananas represent a staple food for a large part of the population.
The often affordable price, good nutritional value and pleasant taste explain its success. Athletes, deservedly, are also big consumers of bananas.
Bananas are the fruit of the banana tree, specifically one derived from the inflorescence of the banana tree (see photo below).

When the banana is ripe, it is usually yellow.

We look at different forms or species of bananas. Most common in Europe and North America (the biggest import markets) is the Cavendish banana, a variety used in desserts. Other forms of bananas are the plantain (known in many countries as plantain), a cooking variety (because it is too bitter to eat raw) or banana beer, the latter widely consumed in Africa.

main nutrients

Nutrients (effects and potential medical indications)Amounts per 100 g of fresh banana
Magnesium ( muscle cramps , stress , fatigue )27 mg
Potassium (muscle disorders, hypertension )358 mg
Dietary fiber (weight loss)2,6 g
Other nutrients: phosphorus , calcium , vitamin C , B1 , B2 , B3 , B5 , B6 , B9 , B12 , tryptophan.

Bananas contain a substantial amount of carbohydrates (up to 21% of total weight), but little protein (approx. 1%) and fat (less than 0.5%).

number of calories

– In 100 g of banana there are about 90 calories (to be more precise, we are talking about kilocalories, kcal).

Main dishes, foods and drinks based on banana

– Banana Frappé (see recipe below).

– Fruit (to be consumed directly).

– Different recipes based on banana.

Note: The best way to consume bananas, to maintain all these nutritional properties, is raw. By heating the banana, you lose most of the vitamins.

Nutritional and health importance

– The banana is indicated as a complement in the treatment of certain diseases, such as heartburn . This fruit can reduce gastric acidity.

– The banana, rich in magnesium, is also indicated for the prevention of muscle cramps.

– This fruit can also help control sleep and fight anxiety , thanks to its nutrient content (especially tryptophan), which is usually a complementary measure.

– Bananas are very rich in potassium and low in sodium (1mg per 100g). A diet rich in potassium mainly helps to prevent hypertension.

Simple recipe to prepare

Banana frappé (serves 2)


– 2 bananas.

– 500 mL of milk (preferably skimmed milk).

– 2-3 teaspoons of sugar (optional).


– Peel and cut the bananas (5-6 parts are enough).

– Put the chopped banana, milk and sugar in the blender and mix well.

– Serve in 2 glasses of 250 mL.

Note (a good trick)

To make a more buttery frappé, place the bananas in the fridge.

Good nutrition advice from Create health

– We advise you to drink a banana frappé every morning. This is a good way to start your day with foods rich in important nutrients, such as bananas and milk.

– During the day, do not hesitate to eat one or more bananas, in particular, as a snack.

Interesting comments about this food

– Bananas are a staple food of some diet plans, like the famous American weight loss method created by Weight Watchers.

– The banana market is dominated by four multinational companies: Chiquita Brands International, Dole Fruit Company, Fyffes and Del Monte Foods.

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