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Beans are annual plants belonging to the Fabaceae family. Its scientific name is Phaseolus vulgaris and it is widely grown as a vegetable on all five continents. In addition to green beans, there are several varieties that differ in color, flavor or even their cooking time. Thus, the red bean has a medium size and a pronounced flavor associated with an almost creamy texture. Its color varies from red to dark pink and is grown mainly in China, Madagascar, North America and Argentina.
Medium in size, black beans offer a sweet flavor that is particularly popular in North and South America. In Mexico it is also used in soups, as well as dishes and even salads. In Europe, it is white beans that are the most cultivated variety, especially on the Italian side. In England, the white coconut variety, which has an oval shape, is a huge success when it becomes a paste to spread on toast with tomato sauce.

As for the green bean, it is divided into two categories, namely, the pod and the edible bean. The first type is known for its early harvest to obtain very fine grains, wrapped in a pod. The second type does not have the pod and can be consumed in the form of grains.

There are other varieties of beans, such as pinto beans or pink beans, whose texture is slightly floury; the marbled bean, dark red in color with clear veins, the Roman bean, whose skin has red spots, or even the Cornille bean, very popular in tropical Africa.

Beans are native to the New World. Excavations at archaeological sites in Peru have determined that the bean was cultivated there around 7000 BC The bean was introduced to Europe after Columbus’s return from Cuba in 1492. At first, it did not excite the court of the time, and only later Catherine de Medici’s demand, with the help of the Court of Florence, is that this legume was gradually introduced into eating habits. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that the Italian people began to consume the plant’s soft immature pods.

Beans serve as a staple food in some developing countries where consumption is very high. Thus, each inhabitant of western Kenya consumes 66 kg annually against 55 kg of beans in Rwanda. In comparison, worldwide bean consumption was 2.2 kg per year per person in 2000.

Main Nutrients

Nutrients (effects and possible medical indications)Amount per 100 g of cooked green beans
Carbohydrates (source of energy for the body and cells)5,08 g
Proteins (allows the body to repair and build, participates in defense)1,35 g
Lipids (fuel for the body, transport of fat-soluble vitamins and hormone synthesis)0,155 g
Potassium (maintains the acidity of gastric secretions, regulates aldosterone secretion, activates muscle and nerve cells)175 mg
Other nutrients: vitamins B5 , B9 , C , beta-carotenein small amounts

number of calories

It should be noted that 100 g of cooked green beans can provide about 33.3 kcal for the body, while 100 g of cooked white beans provides about 104 kcal.

Main dishes, foods and beverages based on beans

Beans are consumed in three forms: in pods, as green beans, in the form of fresh beans or as dried beans.

-After the domestication of the plant by Native Americans, the beans are traditionally consumed by a large part of the population. It is also possible to make flour for easy storage and use in cakes, puddings, etc.

– Flageolet beans, a variety of fresh or semi-dried beans, are mostly sold as preserves. They conventionally accompany dishes in France like the leg of lamb. Like green beans, they are sold fresh, frozen or canned. Consuming this variety of beans is very common in the western world, thanks to the success of weight loss food supplies. In this sense, they are eaten cold with vinaigrette or hot to accompany many dishes or cooked, including dietary regimes.

– In Central America, bean leaves are sometimes consumed as food in times of scarcity.

-In the form of beans, beans can be stored for a year in a closed container. In semi-dry form, beans can only last a week in the refrigerator. Remove the shells before serving.

– In France, several cities in the southwest disputed the authorship of a green cabbage soup with dry white beans, and cassoulet, whose name comes from the word “casserole”.

– The grain can be used very well in desserts, especially in the preparation of halo-halo in the Philippines, zenzai or other sweet dishes in Japan.

Nutritional and health importance

– Low in calories, green beans also provide the body with a sufficient amount of fiber to facilitate intestinal transit.

– Both white and red or black beans are valuable sources of iron for the human body. These varieties also have a significant amount of manganese, an important element in reducing mood swings and upset stomach in menopausal women.

– Due to its high content of flavonoids, green beans significantly reduce the risk of bowel and breast cancer, according to a study conducted by Deakin University in Australia.

– To avoid osteoarthritis in the knees and hands, experts recommend consuming a 250 ml glass of yellow beans. This ratio brings 19% of the body’s daily potassium requirement which effectively fights osteoarthritis.

– To stimulate bone development, it is advisable to regularly eat beans that contain a significant amount of silicon.

Simple recipe to prepare

Macaroni Salad with Green Beans and Smoked Salmon


For 4 people:

– 120 g of smoked salmon.

– 500 grams of green beans.

– 200 g uncooked pasta.

– 2 onions.

– 1 orange.

– 1 lemon.

– ½ bunch of chives.

– 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

– Salt and pepper.


– Cut the salmon into thin strips.

– Drain the green beans.

– Boil salted water and cook the pasta. Meanwhile, chop the onions.

– Drain the pasta and arrange it on a plate.

– Remove orange peel and then cut the peel into thin strips.

– Place the beans over the pasta. Add salmon strips, orange peel, onion rings and chopped chives.

– Season in a bowl with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, then drizzle the dish with this mixture.

Suggestion for serving:

White wine is used to enhance the salmon flavor. This dish can be served immediately, to preserve all the qualities of green beans.

Create health nutrition tips

– Beans are an ideal food for those who want to stick to their diet. Beans are traditionally steamed or cooked in a pressure cooker. It is then heated for a few minutes to perfectly retain all its nutrients.

– To keep the beans appetizing, you can add a tablespoon to the water during cooking.

– Organic beans are recommended for pregnant women and young children. Its high content of antioxidants and vitamin C perfectly meets the needs of these two categories of individuals.

– With little caloric value, beans are featured in many weight loss regimes. In fact, it provides a lot of fiber to the body, making you feel full.

Interesting comments about this food

– It is possible to feed an 18-month-old child with white beans. It must be well cooked so that it can be mixed and given to the child.

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