Biotin belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins. Here you will find all the information about this vitamin.


English Name : Biotin, Vitamin H
Scientific Name: Biotin, Vitamin H, Vitamin B7


The recommended daily dose is:
 0.3 mg (30µg) to 0.6 mg (60µg), mainly in case of biotin deficiency


Soy, egg yolks, spinach juice, avocados, oats….


Essential functions of metabolism (metabolism of fats, sugars), renewal of nails, skin and hair.


– Against hair loss (if this is caused by a lack of biotin), to improve the quality of the nails
– In multiple sclerosis (in this case, biotin is prescribed in high doses, for example, capsules with 100 mg of biotin)
– In rare metabolic disorders


Hair loss , skin problems, poor nail quality


Unknown issues. Little risk of intoxication, as biotin is water soluble, so it is eliminated in the urine.


– Biotin can be used to combat hair loss if it is related to a lack of the vitamin. This is normally rare, as hair loss is mostly related to genetics and not to a lack of food (in industrialized countries).

– Cases of biotin interference in laboratory tests (immunoassays) have been reported in the literature since 2017, according to an article published by the Swiss website in August 2019. thyroid, for example), for viral serologies (HIV, hepatitis) etc.
In this context, the French agency ANSM recalls that it is advisable to be attentive to the medical analyzes in a patient who uses biotin, as well as to the dosage devices to be used in the interpretation of the results.

– The half-life of biotin varies between 8 and 19 hours.

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