Medicinal plant used as a diuretic against (light) cystitis, it is generally found in the form of an infusion.


Name in English: Bétula
Binomial name:  Betula pendula Roth
Note: other species of birch is Betula alba (white birch), which has similar medicinal properties.
French name: bouleau , bouleau pleureur
English name: birch
German name: Birke
Italian name: betulla




Flavonoids (derived from quercetin), tannins, essential oil, saponins

parts used

Dried leaves, sap, bark, buds.


Diuretic (without irritating the kidneys), mild disinfectant of the urinary tract, “purification” (birch sap), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, choleretic (birch buds).


Urinary infections, cystitis , gout , edema, to prevent urinary and kidney stones , rheumatism (especially for external use), liver (buds)

Secundary effects

we do not know

allergy risk

Attention, during the months of September and October, the pollens of this plant can cause allergies (birch allergy), in particular hay fever (allergic rhinitis)


Some cardiovascular disorders. We don’t know others.


we do not know

Birch-based preparations

– Birch infusion

– birch juice

– Birch capsule

– Birch essential oil (against pain)

See also: tea for the kidneys and bladder – herbal diuretics

Where does the birch grow?

Birch grows on several continents such as Europe, Asia or North America. It is a tree that can reach 25m in height or more.

When to harvest birch?

It is possible to harvest birch leaves mainly in late spring (May, June) in Europe.


– Birch leaves have a significant diuretic effect, this plant is also part of the composition of a diuretic tea (infusion for the kidneys and bladder).

– The term pendula from the scientific name ( Betula pendula ) comes from Latin and means pending. This is a reference to the overhanging branches of this tree.

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