black cumin


Black Cumin: Medicinal plant used against digestive problems, but also in popular medicine against many other diseases, it is often presented in the form of grain (including flour) or essential oil.


Portuguese name: Black cumin, nigela, nigella
Binomial name: Nigella sativa
French name: Nigelle cultivée , cumin noir
English name: Nigella sativa, fennel flower
German name: Echte Schwarzkümmel
Italian name: sesamo nero
Spanish name: Nigella sativa




Essential oil, saponoside.

parts used



Digestive, immunostimulant, antiviral.


– Digestive problems, such as cases of flatulence or bloating

– Bronchitis

– Menopausal hot flashes

– Hay fever (allergic rhinitis)

– Acne

– Cancer (prevention, possible effect)

Secundary effects

None known, in our opinion.


None known, in our opinion.


None known, in our opinion.


– Black cumin seeds (and black cumin flour, see: remedy against hot flashes – hot flashes and remedy against bronchitis).

– Capsule of nigella (black cumin)

– Black cumin essential oil

Where does black cumin grow?

Black cumin grows mainly in North Africa (Egypt, Algeria, …), but also in Asia.

When to harvest?

Interesting Observations

The black cumin plant is well known in North Africa, this region is used to treat or prevent many health problems or diseases (acne, cancer, bronchitis, hot flashes, etc.), black cumin is mainly used in medicine popular (that is, without having demonstrated its effectiveness scientifically).

More scientific studies try little by little to explain its effect. Especially in the prevention or treatment of cancer, but it is still premature (according to our information) to affirm or deny this indication in human beings.

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