black mustard


Hyperemic medicinal plant, used in case of rheumatism, it can be found in gel, poultice or ointment.


Portuguese name: black mustard, mustard
Latin name: Brassica nigra
French name: moutarde , moutarde noir, graines de moutarde noir
English name: mustard
German name: Senf
Italian name: senape




Thioglycosides, fatty oil, mucilages.

parts used

Grains (ripe and dry)


External use (ointment, poultice, gel):
Hyperemic (improves blood circulation), revulsive.

Internal use:
Carminative, cooking condiment.


External use (ointment, poultice, gel):
Rheumatism (in general), bumps, neuralgia, bronchitis.

Secundary effects

Internal use:
Occasionally, some gastric complications may occur (stomach burning,…).
External use:
Necrosis and blisters.


External use
Circulation disorders, venous problems.


Do not mix with ammonia.

Black mustard-based preparations

– Black mustard poultice

– Black mustard-based cream

– Black mustard-based gel

Where does black mustard grow?

Black mustard grows in Europe.


Black mustard (in grains) is being used less and less, but it can be very useful thanks to its use in the form of a poultice, with an effect on blood circulation, rheumatism and bronchitis.

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