Medicinal plant used mainly in case of digestive problems and rheumatism disorders, it can be found in the form of essential oil or cream. Bay leaves are also used in cooking as a seasoning.


Portuguese name: louro, laurel tree, common laurel tree, guacararaíba, apollo laurel tree
Latin name: Laurus nobilis L.
French name: Laurier
English name: bay, bay laurel
German name: Lorbeer Italian name


Lauraceas (Lauraceae)


– Essential oil (cineol, linalool, sabinene, limonene, etc.)
– Fatty oil (fatty acids)
– Sesquiterpenes
– Tannins
– Mucilages
– Lactones
– Bitter substances

parts used

leaves, fruits


Promotes menstruation, aromatic tonic, condiment, anti-inflammatory, digestive, carminative, anti-infective, diuretic.


Digestive problems, swelling (flatulence) , rheumatism, panariosis , boils , fungus, dermatitis, bronchitis , cough .

Secundary effects

Excessive amounts of bay leaves can lead to drowsiness.


Allergic dermatitis. Essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.


we do not know

Laurel-based preparations

– Blonde lotion or creams

– Laurel essential oil

– Infusion of bay leaf and lemon

Where does the laurel grow?

Laurel grows mainly in Europe (mainly in the Mediterranean) and on the American continent. This plant originates from the eastern Mediterranean.

It is possible to plant laurel in a vase. The advantage, especially in areas with a cold winter like Europe, is being able to shelter the laurel in case of periods of frost or intense cold. This shrub can reach a height of 2 to 4 m.

When to harvest the laurel?

Bay leaves are harvested all year round.


– The essential oil of laurel can be effective in rheumatism, rubbing the affected area with oil, mainly in the form of an ointment. You can also add some essential oil in the bath to relieve rheumatic pain.

– Laurel, along with thyme and parsley, belongs to the Bouquet Garni, a variety of herbs used in many French cuisine recipes. It is possible to prepare a Bouquet Garni with medicinal plants other than the 3 mentioned above.

– It is generally best to use dried bay leaves, as fresh leaves can taste slightly bitter.

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