Bilberry : medicinal plant used mainly in prevention, as a disinfectant of the urinary tract (eg cystitis), it can be found in the form of juice.


Portuguese name: Blueberry
Binomial name: Vaccinium vitis-idaea
French name: Airelles rouges
English name: Cowberry
German name: Preiselbeere
Italian name: Mirtillo rosso


Ericaceae (ericaceae).


Phenolic glycosides (arbutin), tannins, proanthocyanins.

parts used

Berries (bilberry fruits).


Urinary tract disinfectant, astringent.

Bilberry indications

– Against urinary disorders such as cystitis : the effect is mainly preventive, the regular use of blueberry juice (a few dl a day) greatly reduces the frequency of cystitis.

– To treat diarrhea

– It would also have a beneficial effect against cold sores (further research is still lacking).

Secundary effects

We don’t know.


We don’t know.


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– Bilberry capsules (against cystitis)

– Blueberry juice (against cystitis)

– Blueberry poultice (against infections)

Where does the blueberry grow?

Bilberry grows in Europe, particularly in the North.

When to harvest blueberries?


Bilberry is one of the most effective and extraordinary medicinal plants. Blueberry-based juices have a proven preventive effect on women suffering from cystitis . Studies carried out in Finland have shown an important reduction in cystitis in women who drink it regularly. It is proved that the molecules existing in the bilberry modify the adherence of the Eschericha Coli bacteria (the main cause of cystitis) and reduce the number and frequency of urinary infections.

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