Medicinal plant used mainly for its spasmolytic effect, against digestive disorders, can be found in infusion or capsule.


Portuguese name: Boldo-do-Chile (boldo-do-chile), Boldo
Binomial name: Pneumus boldus Molina
French name: Boldo
English name: boldo, boldus
German name: Boldo
Italian name: boldo (albero del Cile)




Alkaloids, essential oil, flavonoids.

parts used

Dry leaves

Boldo-do-Chile properties

Diuretic, choleretic, cholagogue, spasmolytic, analgesic, increases gastric secretions.

Boldo-do-Chile indications

Digestion disorders: stomach ache, especially if accompanied by spasms, ulcer. Liver ailments.

Secundary effects

At high dosage, effects such as depression or hallucination have been reported, however this is very rare and there are no other effects reported at regular dosage. This possible neurotoxicity should, however, lead to some caution for long-term use (several months or years).


Severe problems in the hepatic region (liver).


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Preparations based on Chile boldo

– Boldo-do-Chile infusion (boldo-do-chile tea)

– Pills

– Capsules

– drops

Where does the Boldo-do-Chile grow?

Boldo-do-Chile grows in South America (Chile, Peru) and in the Mediterranean regions.

When watering the boldo, we must be careful not to wet the leaves to avoid fungal attack.

Cultivation of boldo:
In stores, such as those in France, there are mainly extracts of boldo plants intensively cultivated in Uruguay1.


Boldo-do-Chile is a well-documented plant and its use against digestive problems is strongly recommended, especially in case of spasms and mild stomach burns, as it has a favorable effect on gastric secretions.

Boldo-do-Chile can be used with carqueja.

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