Hoehound: Medicinal plant whose main effects are: antitussive, expectorant and fluidifying. Indicated mainly for cases of respiratory problems such as cough and bronchitis, but it can also be used for some cases of liver problems and lack of appetite.


Name: Hoehound, White Horehound
Latin Name: Marrubium vulgare
French Name: Marrube , marrube blanc , herbe vierge
English Name: white horehound, common Horehound
German Name: Gewöhnliche Andorn
Italian Name: marrubio comune, robbio
Spanish Name: marrubio, marrubio blanco, mauve ruby




Dipertenic lactone (marrubin), tannins, phenolic acids and flavonoids.

parts used

Leaves and floral highlights.


Soothing (cough), fluidifying, expectorant, choleretic (increases bile secretion), febrifuge, antiseptic, tonic (for the stomach).


– Cough

– Bronchitis

– Liver problems (taken before meals)

– Lack of appetite, anorexia

Secundary effects

In high doses: heart problems (potential effect).




None known.


– Tea (infusion)

– Decoction

Where does horehound grow?

The white horehound is of European origin, in addition to Europe, it grows in North Africa, America and Asia. Prefers dry land with plenty of sunlight.

When to harvest?

Harvesting of white horehound floral (and leaf) tops generally takes place from June to September.

Interesting Observations

In different cultures and civilizations (the ancient Egyptians, for example), white horehound has been widely used to treat various respiratory ailments. Nowadays, sometimes it continues to be recommended for this indication (even if it is not a first choice plant like thyme, for example), especially in cases of bronchitis or cough. Some specialists in herbal medicine also recommend this medicinal plant in cases of liver problems.

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