Medicinal plant used internally against acne and boils, and externally, in the treatment of eczema.


Portuguese name: Burdock
Binomial name: Arctium lappa
French name: Bardane
English name: burdock, bardane
German name: Grosse Klette
Italian name: burdock




Essential oil, tannins, acid-phenols, inulin (particularly found in burdock root), lopprine (a polysaccharide), mucilages

parts used

Fresh root, dry leaves, shoots.


Internal use (capsules, tablets)
– Disinfectant, depurative, microbicide, antifungal, draining, diuretic

External use (ointments,…)
– Disinfectant, antibiotic


Internal use (capsule, tablets)
– Acne , boils, eczema , atopic dermatitis , hair loss , psoriasis , abscess, mycosis of the feet.

External use (ointment)
– Eczema , seborrhea, baldness.

Secundary effects

we do not know


in case of pregnancy


we do not know

Burdock based preparations

– Burdock infusion (burdock tea)

– Burdock decoction

– Tincture of burdock

– Burdock capsules

– burdock ointment

Where does burdock grow?

Burdock grows in Europe and Asia. It is a biennial plant, that is, it lives for 2 years. The burdock reaches a height of between 80 and 150 cm.

When to harvest burdock root?

Burdock root is harvested before flowering. The smell of burdock root is nauseating. Flowering occurs in July and August in Europe.

Plant it yourself!

This plant loves warm, sheltered environments as well as rich, deep soil. Before planting to make a good dose of fertilizer in the soil (5 liters per m2). It is not suitable for growing in containers.


– Burdock is a plant often indicated in phytotherapy to treat acne.

– The invention or discovery of velcro (scratch in English) by the Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1941 came from the careful observation of nature during a walk with his dog. In fact, his dog was covered in small balls, these were the seeds or grains of burdock. Then he looked under the microscope and saw that the seeds had the shape of an elastic hook, which allowed them to attach to the dog’s coat. Then, George de Mestral developed Velcro, used mainly in the textile industry.

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