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Result analysis (BMI)

Ideal weight : For an adult between 20 and 65 years old, the BMI value must be between 20 and 25.

Overweight and obesity : from 25 to 30 we are talking about overweight , over 30 we are talking about obesity and over 40 is  morbid obesity (beware of the high risk of diabetes and heart complications with a BMI of over 30! It is extremely advised to consult a doctor for a general check-up).

Some overweight and obesity experts have proposed a more precise classification if talking about obesity, and they talk about type 1 obesity when the BMI is 30 to 35, type 2 obesity when the BMI is 35 40, morbid obesity for a BMI of 40 -50 and supermorbid obesity for a BMI greater than 50.

Thinness and malnutrition : from 18 to 20 if you are thin and below 16 is considered very thin (it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid malnutrition). We note, however, that in certain cases, the analysis of the BMI can be flawed, this is the case in children, athletes with a lot of muscle mass, pregnant women, elderly people… In these cases, the crude analysis of the result does not make sense and must be considered.

What does BMI or BMI mean?

BMI comes from English and means Body Mass Index, BMI is the translation into Portuguese and means Body Mass Index.

How is BMI calculated?

The body mass index (BMI) or Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates the relationship between your weight and your height in meters (here it must be indicated in cm). (BMI=weight[kg] / height2[m2]).

From a scale, it is possible to deduce some conclusions about your weight.

Comments on BMI

– The BMI is not adapted and recommended for minors (<18 years).

– BMI does not differentiate between men and women. Women naturally have more fat (or adiposity) and less muscle. That’s why some scientists developed the BFI, the body fat index.

– According to researchers at the University of New York, Nirav Shah and Eric Bravermann, BMI is a method that does not always predict real obesity, these scientists published their study in 2012 in the journal PloS. They used X-rays to identify body fat. BMI was effective for only 3/5 of the patients studied (1400 people in this study), where BMI data were correlated with values ​​obtained by X-rays. According to these researchers, calculating BMI is especially problematic for women and particularly older women.

For example, a 55-year-old woman may appear thin, but in fact have significant fat mass that is masked by low muscle mass. Unlike a sportsman (bodybuilder, for example) he can appear almost obese, because he has a large muscle mass (and without excess fat).

To make the BMI value more accurate, these new New York researchers suggest lowering the value at which obesity talks begin from 30 to 24 for women and from 30 to 28 for men.

Of course, by lowering the threshold at which we speak of obesity, the number of obese people in a society increases arithmetically, and in this case, especially women.

An adequate identification of the obesity of a society allows to provide improved methods of prevention and treatment to reduce the risk of mortality (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.).

BMI is not suitable and recommended for people over 60 years old. According to a study published in 2013, BMI should not be used in people over 60 years old, because it creates very low statistics, especially since the elderly naturally lose important muscle and bone mass with age. BMI can hide weight loss, i.e. a person over 60 can have a BMI of less than 25 but still be in poor health.

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* The comments are for purely indicative purposes, we are not responsible for any case, however we hope to be as close as possible to reality. Create is an advice site, so for all diagnostic questions, ask your doctor for advice.

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