calendula ointment


Against common wounds and against wounds that are slow to heal, be careful not to apply on an open wound (bleeding). In superficial wounds such as first degree burns and sunburn . Against bubbles . Against diaper rash .


– 1 handful (approx. 70 g) of fresh marigold flowers or half a handful of dried marigold flowers.

– 200 g of vaseline (or lard from pigs fed on natural nutrition, read the second recipe below).


– Melt the vaseline over low heat and add the calendula flowers. Vaseline will, very quickly, assume a liquid and oily form (which allows the extraction of active principles from the calendula). However, you will notice a fried taste (melted Vaseline)

– Fervor buy bem

– Place the mixture in muslin, squeezing it well. Let cool.

– Place in a jar or tube


– During injuries, wounds or burns apply several times a day.
– When there are blisters, apply directly to the affected area, covering with a bandage. At night, at bedtime, remove the bandage to allow the blister to air dry for a few hours.
– In case of diaper rash , 15 to 20 minutes after cleaning the baby’s buttocks and air-drying, apply a calendula ointment. This plant helps heal tissues and also reduces the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. The ointment also prevents moisture. After applying the ointment, leave the baby’s buttocks exposed to the air for 30 to 45 minutes. Repeat the process 2 times a day.

another recipe

– Add the contents of two hands full of calendula (leaves, stems and flowers).

– Heat 500 g of naturally fed lard or good lard, as if you were going to fry a piece of meat.

– Place the cut calendula in the hot fat.

– Let it cook, stir and remove from heat.

– Cover and let rest for a day.

– The next day, heat it up a little and filter it with a cloth, place it in clean containers prepared for this purpose.


By Xavier Gruffat (pharmacist)

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