Castor oil


Also called castor oil, it can be used against constipation or occasional (temporary) constipation. Castor oil belongs to the group of intestinal irritant laxatives.


– Castor oil (available in pharmacies).


– Use castor oil as it is (possibly with a little water)


Take 1 to 2 tablespoons (or 15 to 30 ml, some sources say 10 to 20 ml1 ) of castor oil with a little water duringoccasionalconstipation

Laxative action waiting time:
1h to 4h (when taking 10 to 20 ml of castor oil)

Castor (or castor) oil is a triglyceride, which breaks down or separates after oral ingestion. The active molecule against constipation is ricinoleic acid.

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Literature on medicinal plants.

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