Medicinal plant used internally against digestive problems such as spasms, and externally against warts.


Portuguese name: celandine, swallowwort, ceridónia, ceruda, milk
Binomial name: Chelidonium majus
French name: chélidoine , herbe-aux-verrues
English name: chelidonium majus
German name: Schöllkraut
Italian name: chelidonia




Benzyl alkaloid, celidonine.

parts used

Sap (in external use), aerial parts of the plant (in internal use)


For internal use:
Diuretic, spasmolytic, choleretic, cholagogue.


For internal use:
Plant used in case of digestive problems and in particular against spasms or liver problems.

In external use (in folk medicine, that is, without clinical evidence of its effectiveness):
The sap (which can be obtained by breaking the stem) of celandine would be caustic and can be applied to warts, twigs and moths to make it them disappear.

Heads up! Use quality pills or capsules, certified by health authorities. Do not use the fresh plant internally (orally): toxic plant!

Secundary effects

Read the medication leaflet.


Read the medication leaflet.


we do not know

Heads up! In case of absorption of the fresh celandine plant, side effects such as depression of the nervous system or intoxication may occur, therefore never ingest the fresh plant: toxic!

Celandine based preparations

These depend on the application and the indication that must be guided by a specialist (naturopath, pharmacist,…):

– To treat warts, the juice (sap) of the plant is applied to the wart site. (In folk medicine)

– For liver or digestive problems, use standardized capsules or drops.

Where does celandine grow?

Celandine grows in Europe, for example, in the mountains (Alps).

When to harvest celandine juice?

Celandine juice can be collected in spring and summer to apply to warts.


Celandine is a very interesting medicinal plant, however it can pose risks if used internally. On the other hand, for capsules or drops sold in pharmacies, there is no risk, as these drugs are controlled by the authorities. Celandine sap can also be used in case of warts, as a folk medicine. In fact, the effect has not been scientifically proven so it may be a placebo or psychological effect, as it is known that the psychological compound is essential in curing warts.

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