cherry syrup


Used in cases of gout , against sleep disorders (as well as consuming cherry juice, read our article on cherry ), to improve muscle recovery (in sports).


– About 500 grams of ripe cherries (to reach about 300 ml of cherry juice).

– 200 g of sugar.


– Prepare a cherry juice (containing about 500 grams of cherries). One way to prepare this juice: remove the pits from the cherries and mash them with a fork, add a little water (about 10 mL) and filter.

– Put the cherry juice in a pan, add the sugar. Cook this mixture over low heat until the sugar melts.

– Continue heating the mixture constantly over low heat, stirring well, until a syrupy mixture is obtained (you can see the formation of large bubbles, a sign to start interrupting the cooking). Then let it cook for another 15 minutes.

– Let cool.

– Place in small warm bottles (to ensure good hygiene and proper storage), close and label*.

*You can easily make a label for the syrup, with the name of the preparation, dosage, date, etc. This can be done by printing and sticking labels on the bottle.


– Take several spoons of this syrup a day. It is also possible to dilute with water.

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