Corn (corn hair)


Diuretic medicinal plant used against urinary infections and urinary calculus, usually found in capsules or decoction.


Name: corn, corn hair, corn beard, corn stigma
Binomial name: Zea mays L.
French name: Maïs , blé d’Inde (Canada), gaude, blé de Turquie
English name: maize, corn (cornsilk=stigmate )
German name: mais
Italian name: mais , Zea mays , granoturco
Spanish name: maíz


Poaceae (grasses)


Starch (in large quantities), flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, potassium, fiber .

parts used

Corn stigma often exceeds the top of corn. Popularly called “corn hair”.


Diuretic, stimulant of bile secretion, promotes the treatment of wounds and sedative.


– Urinary tract infections ( cystitis )

– Urinary stones (eg bladder stones)

– gout

– Fluid retention (swelling)


Secundary effects

No known side effects at a normal dose, please read the package insert and consult a specialist.


This herbal medicine is not indicated for people with prostate inflammation. Read the leaflet and consult a specialist.


There are no known interactions.


– Capsules

– Decoction

– Tea (infusion): 1 teaspoon of corn stigmas per cup

– Tincture

Where does it grow?

Corn grows all over the world, but especially in hot countries. The largest corn producers in the world in 2008 [according to] were the United States, China, Brazil and Argentina. It is estimated that corn is native to tropical America.

When to harvest?

There corn harvest is usually done in the summer (in Brazil, it opened when sown in October).

Interesting Observations

– Corn is a plant widely cultivated in the world, as food for humans and animals, the famous breakfast cereals are made from corn.

– Corn, especially the corn stigmas are traditionally used to facilitate digestive functions and urinary excretion, it is mainly the diuretic effect of the stigmas that acts favorably in diseases such as urinary tract infections.

– The Aztecs used corn kernels in the form of a decoction to fight dysentery. Other peoples like the Mayans used it in the form of a poultice against burns.

– In terms of nutrition, corn contains a large amount of dietary fiber , which promotes satiety.

– The US is the world’s largest corn producer, according to National Geographic .

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