Medicinal plant used in case of digestive problems (flatulence), it can usually be found in the form of infusion (tea).


Portuguese name: cumin, caraway, caraway, cariz, armenian cumin, kümmel, cummel
Binomial name: Carum carvi L.
French name: cumin , cumin des prés, carvi
English name: caraway, cumin
German name: Kümmel
Italian name: cumino I practiced


Apiáceas (Apiaceae)


Essential oils (d-carvone), fatty oils, polysaccharides.

parts used



Carminative, antiflatulent, against spasms, galactogogue, antimicrobial.


Digestive disorders: dyspepsia, colic, flatulence .

Secundary effects

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Cumin-based preparations

– Cumin infusion

– Consume directly in seed form, for example after a meal to avoid digestive disorders (read more below in Observations)

– mother tincture

– (Brandy, to improve digestion)

Where does cumin grow?

Cumin grows in spring in Europe and Russia. It also grows in Brazil.
It is possible to find this plant in nature at up to 2100 m altitude in the Alps. We can collect cumin seeds or fruits in Europe from August to October.

Cumin reaches a height of between 30 and 80 cm. It is a biennial plant. The plant in Europe blooms from May to July.


– Cumin is an effective plant against digestive disorders, but it is even more effective if combined with other plants of the same family: the umbelliferae ( fennel , fennel). After every heavy meal, eat some cumin seeds to aid digestion. In addition, it is also possible to find some cheeses that contain cumin.

– Cumin grown in northern latitudes produces more essential oils than cumin grown further south in the tropics.

– To achieve good productivity with this plant, direct sunlight exposure from the south is recommended.

– Oriental cumin or kamoun ( Cuminum cyminum ) is another species of cumin, not to be confused with caraway or Armenian cumin ( Carum carvi ). As its name suggests, this cumin is native to the east, where we can also find Indian cumin.

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