Dandelion is a medicinal plant with diuretic and depurative action that favors digestion, it can be found in infusion.


Portuguese names: dandelion, taraxaco, love-of-men
Binomial name: Taraxacum officinale (L.) Weber ex FH Wigg
French name: pissenlit , dent de lion (Dent-de-Lion), leatherne de moine
Name English: dandelion, blawball
German name: Löwenzahn
Italian name :  piscialletto ,  dente di leone
Know that there are more than 1000 species and subspecies of dandelion.


Asteraceae (Asteraceae)


Taraxin, terpenes, flavonoids, phytosterols, inulin (high concentration in the root), potassium, bitter principles

parts used

– Leaves and roots, sometimes flowers (especially for the preparation of dandelion honey).


Diuretic, cholagogue, choleretic, depurative, appetite stimulant, increases bile secretions, possible action on some tumors (cancer), anti-inflammatory.


Digestive problems: dyspepsia, problems in the liver region, prevention of gallstones (not indicated in the treatment), anorexia, prevention of urinary stones .


Secundary effects

Eventually, skin and gastrointestinal problems, to a high degree. Allergy. Sometimes dandelion, due to its diuretic effect (especially the root), can lead to urinary incontinence.


Gallstones, allergy to this plant or other plants in the Asteraceae family. In case of kidney or gallbladder problems or in case of stones, please seek medical advice or consult a pharmacist before consuming this plant.


we do not know


– Dandelion decoction

– Dandelion infusion

– dandelion capsule

– dandelion extract

– Mother tincture of dandelion

– Dandelion honey (nourishing, little medicinal effect)

Where does dandelion grow?

Dandelion grows in Europe. It can be found in Europe at up to 2,000 meters in altitude. The plant has a height of about 50 cm. It is a perennial plant, that is, it can live for several years. Dandelion is found especially in meadows and pastures.

When to harvest dandelion?

Dandelion is harvested in spring. In Europe (eg France) the dandelion usually blooms from March to October.


– The dandelion grows in the spring. To make infusions based on dandelion, it is necessary to use a whole dry plant (with the roots) and preferably a decoction is made, that is, the mixture of about 3 coffee spoons must be boiled in cold water (start).

A special edition of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants, published in July 2020, estimated that the effect of dandelion roots as a diuretic has not yet been demonstrated, due to the lack of quality scientific studies published, such as clinical trials. The review by S&V journalists was also critical of pilosella ( Hieracium piosella ), the diuretic effect was also unproven.

Dandelion Salad
– Several people make very popular salads simply by picking dandelions from the garden before they flower. To reduce the bitterness of the leaves, it is advisable to consume young leaves. Dandelion salad does not have any particular medicinal effects, as is the case with dandelion decoction. Add to the dandelion leaves a sauce (eg oil, vinegar and mustard), another very good combination is to add boiled eggs and bacon to serve with this salad.

– The American Indians used dandelion to cure different ailments and diseases, such as kidney disorders, skin problems or even digestive disorders. Dandelion is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, especially against digestive disorders.

– For culinary use, it is preferable to use fresh leaves. In phytotherapy, you can also use the dried leaves, as well as the dried roots.

– Dandelion is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, lecithin, calcium, etc.

– The genus name Taraxacum of the dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale ) comes from the Greek, taraxis meaning inflammation and akeo meaning “I heal”.

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