dog rose infusion


– In case of colds (prevention and treatment)


For a cup of rosehip infusion (also known as rosehip or wild rose) use:

– About 3 gr of rosa-canina (dried fruits)

– About 200 ml of water

* It is possible to find dog rose (dried fruits) in pharmacies or herbalists, or it is possible to harvest the plant in the wild and dry it to make the infusion.


– Boil the water and add it to the dog rose.

– Leave to infuse for about ten minutes (to obtain an effective dose of active substances)


– Drink this infusion very hot several times a day.


The typical red color of rosehip tea, which is mainly sold in pharmacies and stores, does not come from the rosehip tea, but from the hibiscus flowers, which are usually added to rosehip tea.

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