Edelweiss: Medicinal plant that grows in the mountains, has an antioxidant effect and can be found in cream or lotions.


Portuguese name: Edelweiss
Binomial name: Leontopodium alpinum French name
Edelweiss , silver star , queen of glaciers, immortal of snow
English name: edelweiss
German name: Edelweiss
Italian name: edelweiss


Asteraceae (Asteraceae)


Flavonoids, tannins.

parts used

whole plant

edelweiss effects

For internal use (infusion)

Astringent, antidiarrheal

For external use (ointment, creams,…)

Antioxidant, anti-aging, free radical scavenger.

indications from edelweiss

For internal use (infusion)

Respiratory disorders, diarrhea.

in external use

Skin aging, cosmetic care.

Secundary effects

We don’t know.


We don’t know.


We don’t know.

Edelweiss-based preparations

– In cosmetic form: in cream, gel or ointment

– In the form of alcoholic extracts (this extract is often used in cosmetics)

– In some regions of the world, where edelweiss is more common, it is possible to make infusions based on this plant.

Where does edelweiss grow?

Edelweiss grows mainly in mountains, at altitudes of 2’000 to 3’000 m.

When does edelweiss bloom?

Edelweiss usually blooms from July to September.


Edelweiss, whose name comes from the German and means noble (edel) white (weiss), is a mountain and protected plant, which makes it difficult to market medicines based on it. However, some companies in Switzerland grow edelweiss successfully, on an important and regular basis, which allows very interesting cosmetics, mainly against wrinkles and aging, (thanks to the antioxidant properties) to be marketed in the country.

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