7 tips to enjoy the June festivities in a healthy way

In the month of June, the June festivities are typical in the country. With lots of typical food and drinks, these parties are a program for the whole family, children and adults. To make the most of these parties and enjoy without any worries, Create health made a list of tips for you to have fun in good health.

1. Watch out for burns. A typical element of the June festivities is the famous São João bonfire. They are very dangerous and can turn fun into tragedy. The ideal is to stay away from bonfires and never throw alcohol, combustible liquids (such as gasoline, kerosene) or alcoholic beverages on it. Even after the fire goes out, do not throw alcohol or any other fuel, or touch the embers. Always have fire extinguishers close at hand.

2. Don’t release balloon. Balloons are also common at these parties. They, however, present a great danger, as they are made, most of the time, of paper or material that catches fire easily. When they fall, they can cause fires and tragedies.

3. Avoid setting off fireworks.  Fireworks, like balloons and bonfires, are dangerous when handled by inexperienced people. They can cause fires and other accidents that put people’s lives at risk. 

4. Take care of the children. Fairs are attended by many people, and children can get lost in the crowd. In addition, there is the danger of the bonfire. The number of children with severe burns increases at this time of year. Take care of children so that they do not get hurt or have an accident.

5. Protect yourself from the cold. It is important to remember that the June festivities take place in winter, the coldest season of the year, especially in the South and Southeast regions of the country. It is common to get winter illnesses such as colds and flu , which are mostly transmitted in large clusters of people. Before going to fairs, dress warmly and protect your throat, nose and neck.

6. Avoid respiratory diseases. As mentioned in the previous topic, respiratory diseases are common in winter. To avoid them, drink plenty of fluids to hydrate your airways, especially water and hot herbal teas. Honey also helps protect the throat. Also, don’t be around campfire smoke that irritates the mucous membranes in your nose, mouth, and throat.

7. Take care of the diet.  June feast foods are often high in calories and deserve attention. Replace condensed milk and cream with lighter skimmed or soy-based versions. Also be careful with the quento, which is very caloric. Replace with mulled wine which has less calories. But attention: this still contains alcohol and should not be consumed in excess. Light and healthy options include green corn (without butter), peanuts (rich in vitamin  E ,  C  and minerals), pine nuts (rich in proteins and minerals) and tapioca, ideal for those who are gluten intolerant. 

With these tips, your parties will be much more fun and healthy.

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