eucalyptus syrup


Used against coughs , colds , bronchitis (acute or chronic), sore throat , flu and sinusitis .


– 20 grams of eucalyptus leaves .

– 300 mL of water.

– 300 grams of sugar


– First, prepare an infusion of eucalyptus leaves. To do this, heat the water until it boils and add the boiling water with the eucalyptus leaves. Let steep for ten minutes (to get an effective dose of active ingredients). Filter the mixture.

– Add sugar to the resulting mixture. Cook the sugar mixture until all the sugar has melted.

– Keep heating until you get a syrupy mixture (you can see the “big bubbles”, a sign that we should start to interrupt the cooking process). At this stage, let it cook for another 10 minutes.

– Let cool.

– Put it in a bottle and make a label*.

* You can easily make a label for your medicine, for example with the name of the preparation, dosage, date, etc., simply by printing your label on a sheet, cutting and sticking it on the bottle.


– Drink 2-5 tablespoons of this syrup a day.

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