Medicinal plant used in the treatment of cough with expectorant action and cold (inhalation). It is presented in the form of infusion, tablets, inhalations or capsules.


Portuguese name: Eucalyptus
Binomial name: Eucalyptus globulus Labill.
French name: Eucalyptus
English name: Eucalyptus
German name: Eukalyptus
Italian name:  eucalyptus
Spanish name : eucalyptus

Origin of the name eucalyptus:
The term eucalyptus comes from the Greek, “eu” which means “well” and “kaliptos” which means “to cover, to hide”. It is a reference to the flower that hides until flowering. Globulus is also a reference to flowers, which have a spherical shape. Hence the scientific name of the species Eucalyptus globulus.


Myrtaceae (Mirtáceas)


Eucalyptus essential oil (cineole, eucalyptol).

parts used

– Leaves, sometimes flowers, often consumed as essential oil.


– Expectorant, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, dilation of the upper airways, refreshing, deodorant.


Internal use or inhalation: 
–  Cough , bronchitis , cold , sinusitis , asthma (as a complementary measure), emphysema.

External use (in essential oil, to be associated with tea tree ):
– Mycosis of the feet , oily skin and hair, hair loss, small wounds, light burns.


Secundary effects

Possible side effects in the gastro-intestinal region. Ask your specialist for advice.


Take care with small children, do not apply eucalyptus-based essential oils in the eyes. Ask your specialist for advice.


Possible interaction with other drugs. Ask your pharmacist for advice.


– Eucalyptus infusion

– Eucalyptus inhalation

– Tincture of eucalyptus (in drops)

– Eucalyptus essential oil

– Eucalyptus capsule (often based on 200 mg of eucalyptus, consume 3 times a day)

– Eucalyptus tablets or candies

– eucalyptus syrup

– And also: perfumes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, shampoo

Where does eucalyptus grow?

Eucalyptus is grown in tropical countries, especially in Australia, and also in Europe.
Eucalyptus is native to Australia (mainly the southwest and Tasmania), but also New Guinea.
The eucalyptus tree can reach 35m in height, some sources speak up to 60m or even 90m in Australia. In Europe, this tree often reaches a height of 20m in 6 to 7 years.1 Book: La Farmacia di Dio, Edizioni Terra Santa, 2020, Milan.[/Efn_note]. Eucalyptus absorbs a lot of water.
Eucalyptus leaves are harvested in the summer, with leaf selection found on mature branches only.


– This plant of Australian origin (used by the aborigines) is found in numerous preparations for sale in pharmacies. This plant can be a good natural complement to treat coughs and other infectious diseases such as colds, thanks to the essential oils contained in the eucalyptus leaf.

– The koala, a typical animal of the Australian forests, depends on eucalyptus, it eats up to 1 kg of eucalyptus leaves every day. The koala eater feeds exclusively on eucalyptus leaves.

– Eucalyptus was introduced in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century.

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