Medicinal plant with a bitter and digestive effect, used against various digestive disorders, it can usually be found in the form of an infusion (tea).


English name: earth gall, minor cornflower, large earth gall
Binomial name: Centaurium erythraea

French names: little centaury (little centaury), cornflower, common little centaury, red little centaury , erythrea Scientific name : Centaurium
erythraea  Rafn  , 1800 : biondella , centaurea minore


Gentianaceae (Gentianáceas)


Bitter principles (secoiridoids) – bitter glycosides, lactonic sesquiterpenes, flavonoids.

parts used

Herbs (aerial parts) [lat. : centaurii herb]


Bitter, bitter tonic, increases gastric and salivary secretion, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, aperitif, carminative, healing


Digestive disorders, chronic dyspepsia, anorexia.

Secundary effects

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Ground gall-based preparations

– Earth gall infusion (earth gall tea)

– Terra gall wine (recipe: macerate about 30g of gall of the earth with 30g of mint by adding a little lemon juice to 1L of dry white wine for 10 days, do not forget to filter. This preparation It is mainly used as an aperitif.

Where does the gall of the earth grow?

The gall of the earth grows especially in Europe, Asia and North Africa. It is found especially in skylights. It is an annual plant.

When to harvest the gall of the earth?

The gall of the earth is harvested mainly in the summer (generally from July to September where it grows). In Europe, flowering usually occurs from June to September. Its flowers are pink, as shown in the different photos on this page.


– The gall of the earth can have a very positive effect against different digestion disorders, in addition to anorexia, thanks to its bitter effect that favors hunger. It should be taken for example with gentian .

– The common name “gall of the earth” refers to the bitter taste of the plant.

– The gall of the earth is also found in Bach’s flowers, under the English name of “Centaury”.

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