fenugreek grains


– Against *anorexia in young girls.

To give curves, according to Sonia from Algeria, who sent us this recipe in 2010

*Note from the editor of CreatesHealth: anorexia is a serious and complex disease, this treatment is just a complementary measure. In case of anorexia, consult a doctor.


– Halba grains ( fenugreek )

– Mel


– Wash the fenugreek grains and soak them for 30 minutes

– Grind the fenugreek seeds

– Mix the ground grains with honey to obtain an onctuous paste


– In general, we advise a one-week therapy, that is, 1 spoonful at breakfast (on an empty stomach) and another at night, before going to bed


this treatment can be redone every season (every 3 months) and if necessary

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