fig syrup


Home remedy against cough , sore throat and constipation .


– 250 grams of dried figs.

– From 125 g to 250 g of honey (125 g is enough for a laxative syrup. For a cough syrup, use 250 g).

– 500 ml of water.


– Cut the figs into small pieces

– Put the figs in a pan and add the honey and water

– Heat over low heat for one hour (make a reduction), stir occasionally. When you stop cooking, there should still be water left to cover the figs.

– Filter with the help of a compressor for juice.

– Place in a labeled bottle.


Drink a tablespoon of syrup 3-4 times a day (dose against cough and sore throat).In cases of constipation, it is recommended to take several tablespoons of this mixture in a single dose each day, also ask to your pharmacist for a more personalized dose.


– Fig is rich in fiber and is an interesting mild laxative working as a syrup, as well as fresh or dried fruit.

– You can easily make a label for your medicine, for example with the name of the preparation, dosage, date, etc. simply by printing on the label sheet, cut and stick on the bottle after soaking the paper in milk.

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