Medicinal laxative plant indicated in case of constipation, it can be found in syrup.


Portuguese name: fig, fig tree
Binomial name: Ficus carica
French name: figue
English name: fig
German name: Feige
Italian name: Fico




Sugar, pectin, mucilage, citric, tartaric acid.

parts used

– Fruits (strictly speaking in botany, the fig is not a fruit, but a flower).

fig effects

Mild laxative (for example, for children).

fig indications

In case of (mild) constipation

Secundary effects

excessive diarrhea


we do not know


we do not know

Fig-based preparations

Where does the fig grow?

The fig grows in Europe (mainly the south). The fig tree is native to the Mediterranean region. The fig tree is a tree that reaches a height of between 2 and 10 meters.

When to harvest the fig?

The fig is harvested in autumn.


– Dried fig, used as a laxative has a mild effect, it is not always effective but at least there is less risk of side effects. A simple, natural and effective remedy for mild cases of constipation.

– Turkey is the world’s largest exporter of figs, Brazil and especially the state of São Paulo is also an important country for the export of figs.

– In the Bible, in Genesis, Adam and Eve hid their private parts with fig leaves.

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