Medicinal plant with a bitter and digestive effect, used against various digestive disorders, can be found as an infusion.


Portuguese name: gentian, yellow gentian, argençana, shepherds’ argençana
Binomial name: Gentiana lutea L.
French name: gentiane jaune , grande gentiane jaune
English name: yellow gentian or great yellow gentian
German name: Enzian (Gelber Enzian)
Italian name: genziana maggiore


Gentianaceae (Gentianáceas)


Bitter principles (secoiridoids), tannins, mucilages, pectin, phytosterol, oligosaccharides

parts used

Root (Gentianae radix) or dried underground organs, leaves.


Bitter, stomachic, tonic, increases gastric secretion and salivation.


Digestive disorders, anorexia, lack of appetite, dyspepsia, flatulence, depression .

Secundary effects

Headaches. When buying a medicine, please read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


Gastrointestinal ulcers. When buying a medicine, please read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


We don’t know. When buying a medicine, please read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


– Gentian infusion (gentian tea)

– Tincture of genciana (gentiana tinctura normata)

– Extrato seco de gentian (standardized dry extract of gentian)

– Maceration of gentian

– mother tincture

Where does gentian grow?

Gentian grows naturally in Europe, only in the mountains (Alps) and often at altitudes greater than 1700m, we can find it at up to 2500m altitude.

Gentian can live up to 50 years. It reaches a height of between 50 and 140cm. It is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for several years.

When to harvest gentian?

We can harvest gentian root between May and October in Europe.
You can harvest gentian roots directly from the wild, but be careful not to confuse gentian with the poisonous plant Veratrum album . In some areas, gentian harvesting is regulated. Gentian blooms especially in summer (July and August in Europe).


– Gentian root has a very important effect due to its concentration of bitter principles. This plant is indicated for several digestive disorders, including anorexia. Gentian root is one of the most bitter plants in the entire vegetable world.

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