ginger poultice


Home remedy used against arthrosis and back pain (lumbago).


– 2 teaspoons of ground ginger (powdered ginger).

– 1 cup of water (200 mL).

– 1 piece of fabric (like gauze bandage) to make the poultice.


– Heat the water until it boils.

– Mix the ginger powder in the boiling water.

– Let it cool for a few minutes to avoid handling the fabric too hot.

– Moisten the cloth or gauze in the mixture of ginger and water while the mixture is still hot.

– Wring the piece of fabric to remove excess water.


– Apply the poultice (cloth) directly on the painful area for 30 minutes once a day (see note below), possibly stick with adhesive tapes.

Interesting comment on this poultice – Australian study

Edith Cowan University, based in Perth, Australia, conducted a study based on this natural remedy. Participants in this study applied the ginger poultice once a day for 30 minutes to the middle of the back (midbacks in English). After 1 week of treatment, participants saw an average halving of pain and fatigue. According to researchers from Western Australia, it appears that the warm poultice promotes relaxation of the musculoskeletal system.

Create Analysis

This study was carried out on a small number of people, and according to our information, it has not been published in a major scientific journal. It is also necessary to know if the effect is due to ginger or if it is more associated with heat, the latter being common in any hot poultice used against pain.

Even so, Create health recommends trying this poultice, which seems to be an effective alternative for back pain. Although this study has not been published in a major scientific journal, the Australian university is important and a poultice, barring cases of ginger allergy, does not cause significant side effects.

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