Green cabbage


Soothing medicinal plant used mainly externally, in the form of a poultice, against rheumatism.


Portuguese name: cabbage
Binomial name: Brassica oleracea
French name: chou
English name: cabbage
German name: Kohl
Italian name: cavolo




Minerals, Calcium, Sulfur, Vitamins (Vitamin C), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Glucosinolates

parts used


kale effects

Soothing, anti-inflammatory, digestive.


For internal use:
Gastritis, ulcers (burning stomach).

For external use:
Rheumatism, various inflammations (inflamed areas). Generally used in the form of a poultice .

Secundary effects

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Cabbage-based preparations

– Cabbage poultice

– Green juice (based on kale)

– Cabbage syrup

Where does kale grow?

Cabbage grows in Europe


– Cabbage is used in natural medicine mainly in the form of poultices, for external use. It is also increasingly used in juice form (such as in green juice) to aid weight loss.

– Kale is a very healthy vegetable, rich mainly in vitamin C and sulfur, in addition to having a very high nutritional value. During World War II kale was an important food source for the Americans and the British. Cabbages were even grown in public parks to contribute to the war effort, such as in the White House gardens under the command of the first lady at the time, Eleanor Roosevelt.

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