Guaraná: Medicinal plant rich in caffeine, which favors vigilance and awakening, it is usually presented in the form of a drink or capsule.


Portuguese name: Guaraná
Latin name: Paullinia cupana
French name: Guarana
English name: Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana
German name: Guarana
Italian name: guarana


Sapindaceae (Sapindáceas)


Purine alkaloids: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, tannins.

parts used

Grains (guarana seeds)

Guarana effects

Central nervous system stimulant, aphrodisiac, antioxidant

indications of guarana

Fatigue, disturbances of alertness, headache (thanks to the effect of caffeine), weight loss.

Secundary effects

Excitement, nervousness, sleep disturbances.


Cardiac disorders, intense physical activity (decreases oxygenation), pregnancy (in our opinion this is not an absolute contraindication but in this state it is preferable to avoid plants rich in caffeine), osteoporosis, sleep disorders.



Guarana-based preparations

– Capsule of guarana

– Guarana energy drink

– Guarana powder

– Brazilian energy juice

Where does guarana grow?

It is a plant originally from Brazil, which grows mainly in the Amazon.

When to harvest guarana?


Guarana is a plant very rich in caffeine (richer than coffee or tea) and can therefore stimulate awakening in case of fatigue.

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