hawthorn infusion


In heart disorders: during palpitations, feeling of tightness in the region close to the heart, mild cardiac arrhythmia , mild heart failure , heart disorders of nervous origin, hypertension , anxiety , sleep disorders (nervous origin), stress .


For a cup of hawthorn tea , use:

– 1 teaspoon of dried hawthorn leaves, berries or flowers. Some recipes specify a teaspoon of crushed hawthorn berries and a teaspoon of chopped hawthorn leaves and flowers.

– About 200 ml of water

– (3 drops of lemon juice)


– Heat the water until it boils and then add this boiling water to the hawthorn

– Leave to infuse for ten minutes (in order to obtain an effective dose of the active substances), if necessary add a few drops of lemon juice

– Filter after 20 minutes

– Do not hesitate to sweeten especially with honey


– Drink one cup, several times a day (up to 4 times) in case of mild heart disorders lasting about a month.
– Drink a cup several times a day (up to 4 times a day) in case of mild heart problems during a period of 3 weeks a month.
– You can also drink a cup of this herbal tea at night before bed1 Book: La Farmacia di Dio (The Pharmacy of God), Edizioni Terra Santa, 2020, Milan. [/ Efn_note].

Note: As this is a medicine that works on the heart, always consult your doctor.

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