Medicinal plant with a sleepy, calming and slightly antidepressant effect, it is usually found in infusions (teas), pills or capsules.


Portuguese name: hops
Binomial name: Humulus lupulus L.
English name: hops
French name: Houblon
German name: Hopfen
Italian name: Luppolo

Origin of the scientific name
The term lupulus from the scientific name Humulus lupulus , which characterizes the species, comes from Latin and means “little wolf”. The term is a reference to the wolf, this is because hops have the habit of wrapping themselves around other plants and strangling them, just as the wolf does with sheep.
The genus name Humulus comes from the Latin “húmus” and means soil, to show that hops usually grow in or on the ground, if not channeled into a grid and thus grow in height.




Essential oils, bitter principles (humulone, lupulone), valerianic acid, flavonoids, tannins.

parts used

Female inflorescences (flowers or cones).


Soothing, sleepy, antidepressant (mild effect).


Anxiety , nervousness (stress) , sleep disorders (insomnia) , depression , menopause


Secundary effects

please read the leaflet


Breast cancer (according to our opinion)



Hop-based preparations

– Hop infusion (hop tea)

– Hop tablets

– Capsules of hops

– Sachet based on hops (to be placed under the pillow when sleeping)

– Tincture of hops (take 2 mL 1-3 times a day)

Where does hop grow?

Hops grow mainly in the northern hemisphere such as Europe, Asia and North America.

When to harvest hops?

Hops can be harvested in summer and autumn.


– Hops (pictured dry inflorescences on the left) is a plant with efficacy on anxiety and sleep disorders proven by clinical studies. These effects are mainly due to the essential oil of hops.

– We can also note that hops are often added to beer, this process gives a special and typical bitter taste. This plant also acts as a beer preservative. Currently, the vast majority of cultivated hops are used in brewing, very little in herbal medicine. Originally hops were used in beers as a preservative.

– Hops were used by American Indians such as the Cherokee and Delaware tribes especially against pain and insomnia.

– During sleep disturbances, hops are often used in combination with valerian .

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