iceland moss


Iceland moss: medicinal plant used to combat coughs and sore throats, it is usually found in infusions or lozenges.


Portuguese names: Icelandic moss, Icelandic lichen
Binomial name: Cetraria islandicus
French name: Mousse d’Islande
English name: Iceland moss
German name: Isländisches Moos
Nom italien: cetraria islandica




Mucilages, bitter principles.

parts used

dry thallus

Effects of Iceland Moss

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Indications of Iceland Moss

Cough (dry), sore throat, hoarseness

Secundary effects

we do not know


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Iceland moss-based preparations

– Iceland Moss tablets or candies

– Infusion of Iceland Moss

Where does Iceland Moss grow?

Iceland Moss grows mainly in Nordic countries, especially those located around the Arctic Circle (Iceland,…), but also in the Alps.


This plant comes, as its name implies, from Iceland and the Nordic countries and is consumed in the form of tablets or infusions. Its effect is due to its high content of mucilage, molecules that play a great role in various respiratory conditions.

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