Medicinal plant with digestive and diuretic effects, indicated in cases of digestive disorders or toothache. It is often presented as a tea or decoction.


Name: Imperatoria
Latin Name: Peucedanum ostruthium
French Name: impératoire , benzoin
English Name: masterwort
German Name: Meisterwurz
Italian Name: imperatoria
Spanish Name: imperatoria




Essential oil, coumarins, tannins, saponins

parts used

Roots (juice that can be extracted from the imperial root), rhizome.


Diuretic, digestive and stomachic, toning, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant.


– Digestive disorders, bloating, toothache (like fresh root), some cardiovascular disorders (it favors blood oxygenation).

Secundary effects

Possible allergy to sun exposure, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.


None known.


None known.


– Infusion

– Decoction

– Capsule

– Dust

– Mother tincture (root base)

– Wine (root base)

Where does the imperative grow?

The imperatory grows easily in the mountains, for example in the Alps (Europe). But it also grows in other parts of Europe (Spain) and Asia (Russia).

It is possible to find the imperatory at up to 2700 meters of altitude.
This plant can reach up to 1 m in height.

When to harvest?

Imperatorium roots can be harvested in Europe mainly from September to October.

Interesting Observations

– The famous Hildegard of Bingen (12th century religious) already showed a great interest in the imperatory.

– Today Imperatori is a little-known herb, but it still has promising effects as a possible action to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (source: Gentiana, Leysin Medicinal Plant Garden, by Professor Kurt Hostettmann).

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